How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in 2019

This post will teach you how you can easily Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and removing your previous iCloud account from iPhone X, 10, 8 or XS, as well as how to add a new iCloud account.

The iCloud Activation Lock still works on iOS 7.1.1 / 12 firmware and we’re here to show you how to bypass it and remove it from your devices. It works in all the devices as mentioned above.

Have you had hard luck bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock? There’s good news because there is a way for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, and 4 owners to bypass it. There is a new tool that makes it easy to remove the iCloud account and Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for the mentioned devices.

What is the function of the iCloud Activation bypass tool?

Basically this tool removes & completely unlock iCloud account saved on your device, and then it enables certain functions such as WiFi, calls and apps on your iPhone. You just need to download the tool, launch it on your PC and follow the steps you’ll shortly see for bypassing the iOS 7 iCloud Activation Lock, removing the iCloud account from iPhone and iPad, and enter a new iCloud account.

Step by step guide for bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock

While there is no problem with this process, it is still advisable that your back up the data stored in your iPhone to a third-party storage like Dropbox or to your iCloud account. Then you need to download the iCloud Activation lock bypass tool – Download Link.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

  1. Make your iPhone enter DFU Mode.
  2. Take a USB cable and connect your device to your PC and launch the Activation Tool.
  3. Look for a file named activation.deb (it’s going to be inside the same folder as the Activation Tool).
  4. Check “remove iCloud Account/Activation Screen and Activate Device” in the tool window.
  5. Choose “update” and wait for the completion of the process.

After the process ends, the device can be set up with a brand new Apple ID before you can remove the iCloud Activation Lock and disable Find by iPhone.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Download Tool

You can download the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock tool from the link we provide. It works on Windows 10/8/7/XP.

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